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September 19
Wednesday, 18 September 2013 • 03:35 • 2 BURUNG MERPATI
AUGUST♥ | via Facebook
As my age will turn into 20 soon, so i'm hoping to celebrate my one and only 20 age with someone that i love and have a crazy party. But it seems like, my birthday will never ever be the same as before .It is because i'm practical right now, and my friends seems too busy with their works. Even my love one is far away from me. I'm trying to not make my big day become dull, so i have a plan to enjoy myself on that day. Here are my checklist :
i)     Wear as pretty as possible ( with contact lens , wear a shawl that i comfortable and doesn't mess up my look)
ii)     Eat at Baskin Robbin 
iii)     Watch a movie ( since i can't day off, so i'm gonna watch it on the evening or night )
iv)     Buy a present for myself.
Should i say tomorrow is my worse day? hurmm.. I don't know ..
Thats all for today. Sorry if my sentences is bad. Still learning. 


Blogger Qarr Jalil said...

ouh.. happy birthday !
nice background music btw :)

18 September 2013 at 09:04  
Blogger ♬ bunga sakura ♬ said...

thank u.. ^^ hahha.. sorry late reply.

29 September 2013 at 08:32  

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